Bernie Wants Troops & Vets to be Full Americans 1

“We call ourselves warriors and worship the Spartan ethos, but don’t always appreciate that our society is detached from our conflicts the way Sparta never was.” -Alex Horton

We’ve been at war for quite a while. By some estimates, the USA has been at war for 93% of time it has existed. So how do we forget about our troops? Someone on DailyKos, in support of George Takei’s recent appeal to the Bernie-or-Bust movement, commented to me that “Veterans were not relevant to the post.” Sadly, that is a place that troops and vets have in the minds of some people.

What other aspects of federal politics are veterans not relevant to? And what is it about veterans that makes us not relevant to a discussion on presidential nominees? Do we become less relevant when we separate from the military, or have we already diminished our relevance when we joined in the first place? Please enlighten me, and thanks.

Until the point that I am convinced, I’m going to harp on the idea that our people need to bring themselves closer in hearts and minds to our military. Until the lives of troops are valued in the same way as the lives of civilians in this country, I’m still going.

This is why I support Bernie Sanders. He is the only candidate that has truly attempted to bring to light the horrific consequences of America’s violent interventions around the world. If Clinton supporters don’t think that veterans are relevant to the debate, too bad, because part of Bernie’s platform involves having some consideration for the people who protect our freedoms.

Where is the pro-Soldier and pro-Veteran national stance that the DNC should have? Where is the concern for the shock-waves that go through American families when sons and daughters go to fight other sons and daughters? If veterans aren’t relevant, can we at least treat the families as such?

her cost of war

This should be acknowledged. And I want  someone like George Takei, who is awesome and cares deeply about human rights and suffering, to acknowledge that this is the cost he is willing to bear if he thinks he is supporting the right cause. Let the other Bernie-or-Bust shamers focus on everything else, but you are Captain Sulu. I completely understand that I, Captain Grant, shouldn’t expect you to intensely contemplate the impact of war the same as I do. But you will, because you are George Takei, and that’s why so many love you. So, what is your stance on this?

So this is why I support Bernie. I know we volunteered, I’m not asking for a pedestal. I’m asking for the opposite. I don’t want to be a different class of citizen. I want to be included as a full member of the America I love.