Battle for Bernie: The Attacks Commence

“First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. And they they attack you and want to burn you. And then they build monuments to you.” -Nicholas Klein

I guess, it’s on now.

Of the past 8 Democratic Primaries/Caucuses, Bernie Sanders has won 7.

Bernie’s support in Nevada was so organized and enthusiastic, that state just flipped to Bernie in the second stage of their caucus. Impressive, considering there was deliberate action by the opponent’s campaign to reverse or prevent this flip.

We’ve finally come to the point of the race where the front-running opponent has to fight. Their campaign has been, up to this point, attempting to convince Bernie’s supporters to trust them. As that has failed, they are switching strategies into full attack mode, because it’s becoming apparent to more and more voters that Bernie is the more electable candidate.

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No opponent would take this lying down. This is why they have hired David Brock, who is a well-known political ‘operative’ (read: ‘mudslinger’), specializing in dirty politics like attack ad campaigns. This is despite overwhelming evidence that the opponent has problems with trustworthiness. Imagine that- someone doesn’t trust you, so in order to gain votes you hire someone who specializes in obfuscating facts. In fact, the reason that Brock is famous in politics, is because he used to be a conservative political hit-man, but then admitting to lying about things when he switched to supporting the Democrats.

Once Brock admitted to being a dirty jerk on the conservative side, he got extremely fortunate. Now he leads a network of mega-donors and runs nonprofits that do the bidding of the Democratic National Committee.

Back in January, Brock suggested an advertisement campaign to call on Bernie Sanders “to release his medical records before the Iowa caucuses on Feb. 1.” The reaction was extremely negative from voters, so the opponent’s campaign chairman used Twitter to tell him to stop.

In February, he declared in Politico that Bernie’s “purity bubble” needs to be burst. He’s also said that one of Bernie’s commercials was “racist because it had too many white people in it.” He is at the center of this wave of anti-Bernie action, just now starting with the insane reactions to Bernie’s interview with the New York Daily News.

But why is this happening now? Well, the opponent has basically given up the strategy of trying to unify the voters, and they’ve decided that they, in concert with the DNC, will shove their nomination down our throats.

There is a segment of Bernie voters (somewhere 15-30% depending on where you look) that claim they will NOT support the opposing candidate- they’ll stay home on election day. This is seen as lunacy by plenty, but there is indeed a likely contingent of people like this; they’ll do this. Instead of trying to sway them, the opponent is willing to draw their ire in order to squeak out a narrow victory, so here come the attacks.

The goal is to now find a way to disqualify Bernie. The opponent is already questioning whether Bernie is really a Democrat. Stay tuned for much worst, from questionable omission of some facts, all the way to downright lying or implying some hideous things. Taking into account the considerable influence of the opponent’s organization over corporate media, it could get pretty ugly. Hell, maybe they’ll actually find something true to say.

But I think we might be ready to win. Let the minions from CNN, WaPo, MSNBC, do their worst. President Obama’s opponent in 2008 tried this, and faced a backlash. They’ll face a backlash this time too. As a matter of fact, go check twitter and you will probably see a backlash currently happening… and we haven’t really gone into the Panama Papers yet.

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“ And then they build monuments to you.”