Batman V Superman: Underwhelming v Corny

Batman V Superman is pretty lame. I wasn’t expecting it to be good, but most people had pretty high hopes. There is great potential in this concept I suppose, but it needs upgrades to the writing, acting, direction, and casting. Here’s my spoiler free initial reaction.

I am shocked at how bad the acting is at certain points of this movie, because these aren’t small time actors in a lot of places. From what I can tell, this is supposed to be a pretty impressive cast, though there were some pretty horrible goddamn casting decisions, I think. They tried too hard to make certain characters come off as original, and it’s a little annoyance that just keeps happening.

The writing is some uninspired shit, people. Every now and then you get a good line, but then you get set back multiple times by some of the corniest, cheesiest things you’ve ever heard these stars utter. This feels like they (whoever made this) all sat around a table one day and said “Batman versus Superman movie, boom!” and then they all got up and had interns actually do all the stuff. How can this be so amateur?

Now, at least we have some solid action in here. There will always be a cheesy element to this type of scenario, because if you can imagine Batman being opposed to Superman at all, they aren’t supposed to be equals in a heads up fight. So never mind that, there is some good battling happening here. I wouldn’t say this is quite on the level of Marvel action, but I was good with it. I also can appreciate some of the positive messages and tone in this movie, that’s nice.

Overall, this just feels like a case of “didn’t try hard enough” or “lack of skill in general.” Maybe the acting was kinda weak because of the direction. Maybe there was no overcoming the amateur dialogue. But some things went wrong in the making of this movie, and sometimes it is actually boring. Maybe I went in with some prejudice because of all the bad publicity. Regardless, I doubt it could be considered ‘good.’

Or maybe they just didn’t care. Maybe they just wanted to put on an infomercial for their future movies. I give this flick a D+




After you have watched the movie and are ready for spoilers, this hilarious article complains in detail.