August: This has been a really hot summer

August of 2017 is when the year of the sociopath really started to wear on people. We had all kinds of shenanigans in the US as people “resisted” the president and each other. The month started off pretty funny, when we all learned that President Trump asked the President of Mexico to stop declaring that he wouldn’t pay for the border wall. Things got worse.


  • North Korea claimed they had advanced in nuclear weapons tech enough to place a warhead in an intercontinental missile. In response, Trump said they’d be met with “fire and fury” if they threaten the US.
  • A bunch of very racist people held the “Unite the Right” rally in Virginia, which drew many counter-protesters. One of the white nationalists decided to also be a terrorist and drove his car into a crows of counter-protesters, killing one. The president responded by condemning “violence on many sides” in what is best described as a ludicrous moral equivalence.*
  • In a separate victory for racism, Trump pardoned sheriff Joe Arpaio, who had been convicted of defying court orders to stop using racial profiling in traffic patrols.
  • We had the total eclipse and related excitement in the USA.
  • 2 American troops are killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan.
  • Science suggests some parts of Asia are getting too humid for people to live in.
  • Mass shooting: At least 12 were injured in 2 different mass shootings in New York City.
  • The US considers expanding war to the Philippines. Why not? During this same month, US-supported forces killed 3 children in a raid.**
  • Wells Fargo, a corrupt bank that was exposed for creating fake accounts, found more of those phony accounts, bringing their total up to 3.5 million fakes.
  • President Trump lost more of his workers. This time it’s his Chief Strategist, special advisor, and his entire committee on arts & humanities. He lost another deputy assistant later in the month.
  • The extremely costly Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc in Texas. There were also insane floods in Bangladesh and India killing 1000+ people.
  • In sports, a lucrative yet ridiculous boxing match between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Conor McGregor ended with Mayweather’s victory. People spent 100 dollars to watch it, which was dumb.


Footnotes are for people in the far future.

*Even during our time period, protesting isn’t supposed to be considered the same as murdering people. Even rich people took offense to Trump’s response. He was finally forced to specifically condemn the racists after that.

**As of this writing, I do not think that awareness of our involvement in Somalia has grown in any significant manner since this incident.