Are people ready for election reform yet

It looks like the guy who suppressed hundreds of thousands of votes in Georgia has won the governor’s race by less than a hundred thousand votes. The last two presidents from the GOP didn’t win the popular vote. Every time this kind of stuff happens, people complain about it.

But then nobody tries to do anything about it. At least a third of the country doesn’t vote each cycle, and we move on pretending that nothing can be done. That nothing can be done about two political parties that serve one socioeconomic class.

It would likely take constitutional action in order to make lasting change to our elections. It’s not going to happen through lawsuits or executive orders. Congress isn’t going to get it done, as they are the most corrupted by special interests. The states have to push for a constitutional amendment.

Article 5 of the US Constitution explains that the states can create a constitutional amendment, without needing Congress. People have some power to influence their state representatives in order to apply for the amendment. Why don’t they? There are groups like WolfPAC working towards the goal, but these efforts are still very small despite clear corruption and undermining in elections.

Our press is doing a shit job of informing people about their rights and about the corruption affecting them. This media is distributed by corporations (MSNBC is owned by Comcast!) and the people who watch it are way less informed than they know, unless they use a better variety of sources. They distract us with stories about Russia while real wars get little coverage.

There were a few progressives recently elected who may be interested in fixing the democracy. Will they receive any free media for their efforts? Or will supposed liberals on cable news continue to focus on worthless stories while it’s obvious elections are being manipulated by our own at least as much as any other country? Incrementalism is not going to get this done.