April: A is for aggression

Merry day off (and a Monday no less)!

The 2017 recap continues with April. It was during this month that Tupac Shakur became the first solo rapper to enter the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Some people who don’t understand the origin of Rock & Roll were butt-hurt about it, but everyone survived. The same can’t be said for Syria, where we took our first direct action in that crazy oil-motivated proxy-war that nobody talks about.

  • In response to a chemical attack against some of Syria’s rebels and civilians, the US launched $100 million worth of missiles at a Syrian airbase. For some reason, the US media LOVED it and it was a night of praise for President Trump, even though the attack was done unilaterally and at the time it wasn’t totally clear who was responsible. In one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen on the news, Brian Williams* states he is “guided by the beauty of our weapons” as he watches the weapons depart their launchpads. I almost don’t even want to finish this, now that I remember that.
  • The governor of Alabama** had to step down after we found out he was cheating with one of his aides. He was also using campaign money to pay for some of her legal expenses. He is now banned from ever again holding public office in Alabama.
  • Everybody tried one last time through protests to get Donald Trump to release his tax returns. To this point, I think he is still using the excuse (read “lie”) that an audit is preventing him from being transparent.
  • The western world went crazy after seeing a video of a guy being dragged off an overbooked airplane. This saved Pepsi from the PR disaster they had just caused by trivializing protests.
  • Mass shooting: A couple in California goes on a random shooting spree, killing 1 person and injuring 10+ others. Apparently, they were just driving around the area and shooting strangers in different places.
  • Fox News lost their prime propagandist Bill O’Reilly, when it became too publicly known that he sexually harasses women. O’Reilly seems to think this is all a liberal conspiracy to end free speech. In a different blow to extreme conservatism,
  • The US sends a few dozen regular troops into Somalia on a training mission. This is first time since the battle that was portrayed in the movie Black Hawk Down. People in the US didn’t really notice when this happened, nor have they noticed as the presence of US troops has grown to over 500.


Footnotes are for people in the far future.

*Brian Williams was a ‘journalist’ who was so obsessed with war, he lied about being in a helicopter that was shot at.

**Alabama was a part of the USA that consistently ranked as one of the worst places to live, as extreme conservatism led to widespread poverty, poor education, anti-diversity, and a weak economy.