1 year of AlexTalk


We’ve crossed the year mark at AlexTalk, and at this point we aren’t much further than we were when it started. However, the blog has been a great outlet for me as the main blogger, and I thought it would be interesting to go back over some general history of the site. I’m looking to make a real attempt to grow the reader base this year, so maybe it’ll be a useful recap for those who show up sometime soon.

  • Very early in 2016, I became increasingly interested in the upcoming presidential race. I was frustrated that we never ended the wars in Afghanistan or Iraq, and I wanted to find and support some cause to actually try.
  • Our first posts were published on 3/21/16. There were actually 6 posts on the same day because they were actually written on my personal site first. The personal site is pretty lame so I got help from a good friend to set up this site. He’s awesome and hasn’t even charged me. I’m going to give him the first chunk of money from ads, if we ever make any.
  • I started off publishing my posts here but also on the neo-liberal blogging site called “Daily Kos.” At the time, I thought it was for regular liberals, but it turned out to be a bunch of extremely rude fake-liberals who don’t think we need economic justice to truly secure women’s rights. It was great for getting a few views and some early feedback, and that profile still ranks higher in Google search -_-
  • AlexTalk started off with the intent to share blogs from a few of us, with varying areas of focus. My fellow starter-bloggers were busy with much bigger life things, so eventually I became the primary/sole blogger. By now, you know the kind of stuff I preach on: war, progressive politics, society in general, the New York Rangers, and video games. In the next year, we will expand it out to feature voices from people of different perspectives, in an attempt to help people who really want to learn and make informed decisions.

Some facts or stats or whatever.

  • 86 published posts. Its a very weak number for a blog that has been up for a whole year, mainly because I take a lot of time putting research together for the larger pieces. Also I’m busy and lazy.
  • 11 unpublished posts. Sometimes, I have the angriest blog ever, locked and loaded. But if I find during my research that the argument is faulty, I won’t publish it.
  • Top 3 most visited blogs:
  • 23% of visits are returning readers. Most readers come in from Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter.
  • Top countries:
    • USA 60%
    • England 13%
    • Russia 10%
    • Unknown 4%
    • Brazil 2%