Yearly Archives: 2018

It’s the economy, idiot

Looking at mainstream media around the country, you would have no idea how many people are poor and living paycheck to paycheck in this country. But you will constantly see articles about Trump tweets and Russia. Yet none of these experts can understand why half the country doesn’t vote and […]


It’s really tough, but we should vote

I do think everybody should vote, everybody “knows” that. Everybody also knows that a huge mass of the country doesn’t care. They are utterly uninspired to go to the polls against the work day and whatever other barriers they perceive to doing it. So why do people keep swearing instant […]


Shouldn’t have quit

I stopped making content for this site because it seemed like the effort of putting it together wasn’t worth the returns I was getting. Not that I wanted a lot of people to see the blog; but that I hoped it would train me in how to have some kind […]

Not everyone needs evidence I guess

One of the popular go-to bullets for Trumpists who support the newly confirmed SCOTUS member Kavanaugh, is that they believe “evidence” instead of women. It’s a pretty funny, coming from a group of people who deny climate science. But it’s just awful when you consider how much lying the president […]


Do not forget the cost of war

Exactly 8 years ago, I learned that my West Point classmate Chris Goeke was killed in action around Kandahar City, Afghanistan. It was a significant event for me in that it personalized war in a new way. At that point, I was becoming extremely cynical about our continued role in […]