Monthly Archives: December 2017

July: Big-mouths and bullets

We arrive at July of 2017, when the news was constantly lit up with announcements of people leaving the presidential administration. It also had the speech from Trump in front of the Boy Scouts, where he upset a bunch of parents by making it overtly political. That was right after […]

April: A is for aggression

Merry day off (and a Monday no less)! The 2017 recap continues with April. It was during this month that Tupac Shakur became the first solo rapper to enter the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Some people who don’t understand the origin of Rock & Roll were butt-hurt about […]

January recap: 2017 was a cluster-F

Let’s assume for a brief moment that religious conservatives are right about climate change. Pretend it’s true that climate change is fake, and the Earth somehow survives long enough for man to expand out. Will the year 2017 be in history textbooks, marking the point at which everyone knew the […]