Monthly Archives: June 2017

No justice. No surprise.

Once again, America exposes itself for the police state that it is. People were genuinely shocked when they saw the final moments of Philando Castille’s life, live-streamed over Facebook. Police Officer Jeronimo Yanez killed him because he was reaching for his identification. Even though Castille had just told the officer […]


NY Rangers: Girardi Out

In a move that wasn’t as crazy as it should have been, the Rangers decided to buy out Dan Girardi’s contract. In the weeks leading up to this, many mused that the Rangers had no chance to compete next year if they didn’t get rid of Girardi or Staal (or […]


“War Machine” from Netflix surprised me

I thought this “War Machine” movie from Netflix was going to be too silly, but it is pretty great. It is based on a book called “The Operators” that tells the story of General Stanley McChrystal’s time in Afghanistan, where he struggled against the reality that the Global War on […]