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Who do the police work for?

People wonder why there is so much police distrust. Those cops let off 20 shots because he was holding a cell phone. Then stood there waiting for backup for 5+ minutes. Then yelled over to the motionless body, asking if he could hear them. Then finally gathered the courage to […]


Pro-gun talking points DGAF

I am honestly & pleasantly surprised at how much energy the gun control movement has sustained since the school shooting in Florida. I see people in my circles, still posting gun violence statistics and arguments, when I would expect them to be posting food and workout pictures by now. This […]


What happened to teamwork in our society?

We’ve lost the concept of collective responsibility. Everyone thinks society owes them something, while they owe society nothing. Like all of this structure we’ve been building for centuries, is going to stay stable just because. As if: you can become a billionaire without streets or laws. As if: you shouldn’t […]


Honor MLK with action

When I was a kid, my grandmother took the opportunity on occasions like Martin Luther King Jr Day, to remind us of the struggles and achievements associated with America’s civil rights movement. Martin Luther King Jr is one of our most notable civil rights leaders, and that was the reason […]